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April 2013 Update: Check the bottom of the article for a very special offer from the makers of Super beta prostate!

super beta prostateReaching the age of forty and beyond can be a very difficult time in a man’s life, even disregarding all of the health issues that come with it.  We must assess where we are in our planned schedules, take a closer look at our goals and how realistic they are and then on top of that deal with our bodies which are beginning to let us down in slight, subtle ways.  One of the main indicators of this slowdown in normal body function in middle-aged men is the expansion of our prostate. Leaving prostate cancer and the high mortality rate of it when not caught early aside, problems with the prostate in men over forty can lead to a whole slew of issues such as:

check-markIncreased urination during the daytime

check-markWaking at night to urinate

check-markThe feeling of an “unempty” bladder even after urinating

check-markThe urge to urinate again right after relieving oneself

check-markProblems in the bedroom

prostate anatomyThese and many other symptoms that begin to appear concerning our sexual and urinary functions lead to a wide array of changing behaviors, both in and out of the bedroom and bathroom.  We begin to look for places near a bathroom or excuses for why we’re going so much, or worse: why we’re just not in the mood tonight.  Nothing affects our confidence more than not being able to perform sexually.  Then, quality of life begins to deteriorate as road trips become shorter, sporting events become more difficult to make it through and the increased frequency with which you urinate throughout the night could leave you waking up feeling less than fully rested.

The main problem with this isn’t that it’s happening to you, it’s that we’ve been told for so long that this is a natural stage of life; something that happens to all men and we just have to live with it, just as we’ll eventually be in diapers in some nursing home.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth!  If you are beginning to know, or have been for a while, experiencing any of these symptoms, a new all-natural supplement called Super Beta Prostate could hold the answer for these and many other of our problems as we approach middle age.

But does Super Beta Prostate really work?  Let’s find out.


What Is Super Beta Prostate?

Super Beta Prostate is a 100% all-natural male supplement that is made with 13 of the most potent ingredients possible while still remaining non-prescription.  Designed for men, by men, it is a way that you can safely promote prostate health and gain back that youthful feeling that might be missing lately.

When you regularly take Super Beta Prostate, you:

check-markStrengthen the flow of your urinary stream
check-markImprove the full emptying of your bladder
check-markPromote healthy sleeping patterns
check-markImprove your overall prostate health, helping you live a longer, happier life


What Are The Ingredients of Super Beta Prostate?

With 600 mg of plant sterols and 12 additional nutrients, Super Beta Prostate gives you 100% of your daily value of vitamin D, one of the most crucial vitamins for healthy prostate cells.  The Beta-sitosterol is the active ingredient in saw palmetto berries.  But because of the concentrated form of the sterols in Super Beta Prostate, you’d have to take 100 capsules of saw palmetto extracts to get the benefits of just one Super Beta Prostate pill!

Additionally, each serving of Super Beta Prostate includes:

  • Beta-sitosterol for healthy urination flow
  • Zinc for prostate and immune health
  • Copper for its antioxidant properties
  • Manganese for reproductive health
  • Iodine for the prostate’s health
  • Chromium for blood sugar and prostate health
  • Molybdenum for uric acid production
  • Selenium as an antioxidant
  • Vitamin D for prostate health
  • Silicon for immunity functioning
  • Boron for prostate wellness
  • Vanadium for prostate functioning
  • Germanium for overall men’s health


With such a targeted and diverse mixture of ingredients specially formulated to prevent poor prostate functioning while promoting good prostate health, if Super Beta Prostate works, men everywhere could be living healthier, happier and longer lives.  So, the question is, does it work?


Does Super Beta Prostate Work?

coupleThe main concentration of Super Beta Prostate is in the beta-sitosterol, a clinically proven ingredient that has shown time and time again to be vital to good prostate health and care.  In clinical trials, beta-sitosterol has been shown effective in maintaining a healthy prostate:

check-markThe leading British medical journal, The Lancet, which published the results of a randomized, double-blind trial* showing that in the 200 man control group, dramatic improvements in urination flow was observed.
check-markThe British Journal of Urology followed up patients who took beta-sitosterol on a regular basis for 18 months** and noted that all benefits were long-term and maintained.
check-markA meta-study review by the Cochrane Collaboration*** showed that four separate studies showed beta-sitosterol improved the urination flow for men and reduced nighttime urination urges

Clinical Studies References:

*Randomised placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial of beta-sisterol in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Beta-sitosterol study group. Berges RR et al, The Lancet, 1995;345:1529-1532.

**Treatment of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia with beta-sitosterol: an 18 month follow-up, Berges RR et al, BJU Int, 2000;85:842-846.

***Beta-sitosterols for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 1999, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD001043. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD001043



Pros and Cons of Super Beta Prostate


  • It works, it’s cheap and it will make you healthier, happier and promote good prostate health; the other ingredients act as a daily vitamin that helps your body function better with age
  • The makers of super beta prostate (Newvitality) are giving a 30 day Money back guarantee and risk-free trial. Also they cut the price when you order 3 bottles!


  • While the effects are long-term, you must keep taking the supplement to maintain them; also, there is no set amount of time for which it takes Super Beta Prostate to kick in


Where To Buy Super Beta Prostate

For the past decade, over five million bottles of Super Beta Prostate have been sold to men all over the world who are concerned about their prostate health and want to do something about it before it gets any worse.  If you’re one of those men who don’t want to let nature take your time from you before you are ready and you wish to do it in an all-natural, healthy way, it’s time to act today.  Click the link below right now to join the ranks of millions of men who are living longer, happier and healthier lives thanks to Super Beta Prostate and get your money-back, risk-free trial today.

April 2013 Update: For a very limited time only, Newvitality are giving away 1 million free bottles of Super beta prostate, yes you heard it right FREE, you only have to pay shipping and get your bottle ! Act Fast and claim yours by clicking the link below!



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  1. Daniel Ferrise on March 2, 2013 at 8:04 pm said:

    I was thinking that super beta prostate will most likely be the next scam from a corporation that merely planned to make cash. I found myself wrong, this product was the first I bought online which truly delivers what it’s supposed to offer in terms of better prostate health . Delighted I tried it out.

  2. Required around 2 weeks before I realized some minimal rewards. By 2 months substantial benefits. By half a year I went from getting out of bed two to three occasions per night to barely any. I strongly encourage it to everyone I believe may need it.

  3. Mike. P on February 7, 2013 at 2:31 am said:

    Just made an order, will keep everyone posted about the results!

  4. I purchased Super Beta Prostate for my partner 2 months ago. Despite the fact that he once in a while skip a pill or two , it is still effective. No longer waking up during night time and since he’s much more relaxed, he’s much like the Duracell Rabbit.

  5. The majority of Tv ads are useless however for some reason I came to the conclusion to order Super Beta. I’ll get this to the point. IT Really WORKS!!!

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